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The aim of this program is to make the students pick up trending English expressions based on the current lifestyle and speak English effectively with British pronunciation.

Technology Resources

  • Grade centric animated voice drills.
  • Story telling with audio video visuals, drills and pictures
  • Music and Songs from Jolly Phonics, UK
  • GENKI ENGLISH software and songs from JAPAN

The program will be offered based on tangible learning outcomes out of every session they undergo. For an ideal primary school child, language and communication exploration is the prime developmental area, which we need to facilitate and hone. This program will be a combination of

  • Interactions among students
  • Digital learning through high class videos and interactive modules
  • Phonics thru songs and actions
  • Interactive Storytelling – The first of its kind
  • Student Worksheets and Handouts
  • Flash Cards
  • Skit & Drama
  • Music and Dance
The schools we are presently associated with are

  • Sindhi Vidyalaya, Thadagam Road, Coimbatore
  • Vasavi MHSS, Perur, Coimbatore
  • Vasavi Nursery & Primary School Perur, Coimbatore
  • Metro MHSS, Mettupalayam, Coimbatore
  • Hindusthan MHSS, Nava India, Coimbatore
  • Alhikma MHSS, Theni
  • Brindavan MHSS, Kavundampalayam, Coimbatore
  • Ramakrishna MHSS, Avarampalayam, Coimbatore
  • Ramakrishna MHSS, Vattamalaipalayam, Coimbatore

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