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ONE CENTER, as the name says, is a multi-activity center under one roof, located in the busiest part of the city, D.B.Road, R.S.Puram. We have been offering various programs for school children, college students and adults of all walks of life for the past 12 years. We are the authorized franchisees for VETA Spoken English, a premium English training academy. We have an exclusive music academy fully equipped with western and Indian classical musical instruments. Our story telling program is a flag ship program with its unique interactive story telling methodology, improves communicative English fluency among primary school children, is being implemented both in our center and across over 15 schools as supplementary program.

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  • Handwriting
  • Spoken English
  • Art & Crafts
  • Abacus

Our initial years were mostly spent on training individuals of various walks of life. Right from a 5 year old child to 50 year old adult, we have been offering handwriting training very successfully. During this tenor, we have identified many challenges students face while writing. We are proud to share that we are the first in our country to identify the traits and challenges faced by students while writings. We have developed solutions to rectify the following problems

  • Ununiform size of letters
  • Legibility in writing
  • Transition from one notebook to other
  • Alignment of writing
  • Habitual traits that affect handwriting
  • Speed writing

The Numbers in age will never affect the persistent practice with best and assured result

Repeated Practice given with time set will help to maintain the legibility in speed writing.

The continuous monitor for transition from ruled to unruled sheet gives assurance to present neatly
Spoken English
Spoken English

The aim of this program is to make the students pick up trending English expressions based on the current lifestyle and speak English effectively with British pronunciation.

The program will be offered based on tangible learning outcomes out of every session they undergo. For an ideal primary school child, language and communication exploration is the prime developmental area, which we need to facilitate and hone. This program will be a combination of

  • Interactions among students
  • Interactive Storytelling – The first of its kind
  • Skit & Drama
  • Music and Dance
  • Phonics thru songs and actions
  • Digital learning through high class videos and interactive modules

Everyday vocabulary practice given will definitely strengthen the confidence to speak better

Difficulty becomes ease with continuous practice given in our english lab with practical situations

Learning english grammar merged with situational content will help to get rid of the fear
Art & Crafts
Art & Crafts

The individuality and the identity inside is brought to the limelight by involving in Art & Crafts.The flexibility of children's hands while crafting will help to bring out their inner talents.The coloring skill will kindle the observation power of a child. The imagination will become the reality through one is own hand.


Not only the creative people but also the minds that are in search of creative ideas needs such an opportunity

The focus in bringing of the inner talent will help the children to achieve in academics too

The work done can be exhibited which can develop one's self esteem

This program induces the concentration and the calculation speed of the child. Abacus, with its 10 levels and 33 formulae helps the child to develop the memory skills from good to the best. The individual assessment given to the child gives the self-confidence to grow better.

This program enhances visualization. The children are trained to visualize the abacus and move imaginary beads in their mind. By continuous practice, visualization becomes perfect which tempts the children to express their talents in optimistic way.


Not only boosting the calculation speed but also the focus in accuracy will be achieved definitely

Definitely, it can be used in academics which is the time saver

Mental Calculation is the best brain exercise to improve the concentration power




What Our Students Say


I have improved a lot with regard to usage of tense and grammar after joining this veta course. I feel  that i have learnt useful english words through my effort along with the trainer's support. This class has made me understand the practical application of grammar in sentences.

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