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M/s Handwriting Labs was established in the year 2012 with a single motive of improving handwriting of any individual. We believe that beautiful handwriting is not ones gift. It can be developed by each one of us.


“Let every Individual possess beautiful handwriting”


“To make every student blossom with power of beautiful handwriting”

Research and Development

Our initial years were mostly spent on training individuals of various walks of life. Right from a 5 year old child to 50 year old adult, we have been offering handwriting training very successfully. During this tenor, we have identified many challenges students face while writing. We are proud to share that we are the first in our country to identify the traits and challenges faced by students while writings.

We have developed solutions to rectify the following problems
  • Ununiform size of letters
  • Illegibility in writing
  • Difficulty in Transition from one notebook to other
  • Disalignment of writing
  • Habitual traits that affect handwriting
  • Slow writing

Our company had conducted numerous workshops in schools and teacher training institutes. Our milestone special programs are

  • Training conducted for NRI Students in Chinmaya International school
  • Fast track workshop for Police writers of various Police stations in Coimbatore
  • Handwriting training for Dentists organized by Dentist association

We give 100% guarantee on improvement and have trained over 10000 students in our center in Coimbatore and have trained over 2500 teachers of various schools. Also we have tied up with the following schools and offer training to over 15000 students every year. We have a team of 25 master trainers who offer the training to both teachers and students.