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This program induces the concentration and the calculation speed of the child. Abacus, with its 10 levels and 33 formulae helps the child to develop the memory skills from good to the best.

Communicative English - ELS

The aim of this program is to make the students pick up trending English expressions based on the current lifestyle and speak English effectively with British pronunciation.


M/s Handwriting Labs was established in the year 2012 with a single motive of improving handwriting of any individual. We believe that beautiful handwriting is not ones gift.

Chess Class

Chess is an ultimate brain development game that induces complete focus of an individual. Our experienced trainer with personal attention assures for the development of the achievers. The tremendous outcome of the training has produced the achievers in State & National level tournament continuously.

Art & Crafts

The individuality and the identity inside is brought to the limelight by involving in Art & Crafts.The flexibility of children’s hands while crafting will help to bring out their inner talents.


Assistance given for the academics for all classes for all boards help the students to develop the knowledge as well as to score higher. For all the classes from I to XII standard..

Music Class

Focusing in music will help anyone to get rid of any circumstances.

Hindi Class

Hindi, being a national language help anyone to survive anywhere. Businessman, homemakers, Administrators, Students, etc.Can update themselves to meet any people with the support of spoken hindi.

Vedic Maths

It is a traditional methodology inspite of various technological updations. The speed increased in calculation through continuous practice will help the elder children to shine in their career. The mathematical knowledge will grow abruptly which is precious gift for the children.

French Class

Learning any language elevates your confidence.Confidence is the power of life.Learning a language is a Skill that leads to face this competitive world effectively.French language is one of the widely learnt foreign languages helping the students to go abroad for higher studies. Repeated practice of conjugation in grammar gives the assurance for the success.Experience the difference with us!

Cube Solving Class

Learn the World’s No.1 puzzle master in 43 quintillion combinations puzzle (43252003274489856000) This stimulates your both right and left brain. It increases hand and eye coordination and improves your problem solving skills. It develops your fine motor skills.



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